Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The Growth of Equity Crowdfunding Around the World

The Crowdfunding Centre takes data from 120,000 crowdfunds across the World

The US leads the way in the number of crowdfunds, However, earlier this month, London originated 248 crowdfunds. The city in second place was Los Angeles with 158.

London has a 33% success rate compared to 30% across the rest of the UK and around 25% globally. It leads the way in big growth industries like gaming and films, which has fuelled a lot of growth in the US, is increasingly finding a home in the UK.

Evidence is also growing of the positive lasting effects of a crowdfunding round. These figures are from a recent report by Crowdfund Capital Partners:

- Reward crowdfunders reported an average sales revenue rise of 25%
- Equity crowdfunders reported an average sales revenue rise of 350%
- An average of 2-3 new employees are taken on after crowdfunding
- Just over half of firms that contributed to the report said crowdfunding was their first choice method for raising funds
- Crowdfunding embraces diversity. Pitches lead by women and minority groups is 40%, compared to 8% in the ‘old economy’.

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