Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Can a recovery in the economy be dangerous for SMEs?

The answer is yes.

Naturally we all welcome the emerging recovery we are experiencing in the UK but SMEs should look very carefully at their finances as they need to be very aware that the pattern established following previous recessions is that more businesses go bust as the economy recovers not less. Typically businesses slowly wind down during a recession until they eventually run out of cash. Economic growth is often the last straw for them. They need to fill new orders and recruit more staff to meet demand but just cannot get any more credit and administration beckons. They may also have been slow in paying VAT and PAYE and built up large arrears which now must be paid as during a recovery the tax man becomes more aggressive.

Pegasus Funding Resources can help SMEs that find themselves in this situation and in need of growth funds to take advantage of the recovery.

Types of funding that are available in this situation include:

• Trade Finance to finance the importation of goods needed to fulfil orders
• Stock Finance to make certain they can meet increased demand
• Invoice discounting & Factoring to finance increasing debtor ledgers, and this also includes single/selective invoice discounting for those that do not want to sign up for more than the occasional invoice
• Turnaround Angel Funding to bring in new capital and ideas
• Sale and leaseback of existing plant and machinery to fund new equipment and add to working capital
• Debt Crowdfunding to fund growth and asset purchase