Monday, 22 July 2013

Entrepreneurs Succeed with us. Launch date 24th July

Peter Kelly the founder of Pegasus Funding Resources has Co-authored this exciting new business book for SMEs.
This book is a highly readable set of principles and actions, which will convert readily into increased performance and profits in your business.
Entrepreneurs can sometimes struggle to meet the goals they have set themselves and may need help to create the high performance business of their dreams. The aim of Entrepreneurs Succeed with Us is to help such entrepreneurs get to grips with difficult to identify and resolve business-critical issues and kick-start growth plans to achieve their goals. These may include a successful exit strategy. The book has been written by a team of highly capable professionals who appreciate the pressures of an entrepreneur's day to day and longer term problems. Its content is designed to help them recover from difficult situations by getting to the root causes of their sleepless nights.
Entrepreneurs Succeed with Us addresses a range of key issues that face all entrepreneurs at some point in their business. It examines the health of a company and helps re-examine both the company mission and the owners personal vision for the future. It also identifies alternatives to banks for financing the business, improvements that can be made to marketing to kick-start growth and the best strategies for a successful exit to your retirement plan. The book also explains how developing a growth mindset is vital to any companys future success, as is avoiding many of the pitfalls in developing ICT systems and complying with employment and other laws.
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