Thursday, 3 January 2013

South Coast Business Boardroom

The South Coast Business Boardroom is a new networking group for Managing Directors of SME's that are located in the Counties of Dorset, Hampshire and Sussex, as well as anyone who would like to join from further afield.

The stated objectives of this group is to create a forum where managing directors of SMEs in the counties that make up the South Coast region, Sussex, Hampshire and Dorset, as well as anyone from further afield who would like to come, can meet and discuss their challenges with like minded people and learn from the mistakes and successes of others. Many managing directors of SMEs have no one to talk to and this group can be a virtual boardroom for them.

The group will hold meetings approximately 6 times a year in a beautiful pub just outside Southampton.

It costs nothing to join 'meetup' and nothing to join 'South Coast Business Boardroom' just go to

There will be a £10 per meeting attended charge to cover meeting costs.

Come and join us today.

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